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  • U Series Blow Molding Machine
  • U Series Blow Molding MachineAll component parts of the extrusion blow molding machine are supplied by CNC machine in order to keep the precision. The hydraulic pump, pneumatic and electrical parts are imported from the foreign famous brand. This bottle blowing machine is equipped with support bracket and linear guide rail in order to guarantee stable and higher moving speed.
  • K Series Blow Molding Machine
  • K Series Blow Molding Machine1. The average energy consumption is lower than the market average of 10%-15%
    2. This extrusion blow molding machine has high automation
    3. This blow molding equipment can be configured with telemaintenance (WIFI and 3G) control system
  • YG Series Blow Molding Machine
  • YG Series Blow Molding Machine1.The series machines offer superior extruding ability and double plasticizing effect
    2.This automatic stretch blow molding machine uses Siemens automatic intelligent control system for multi-language user interface, which is very convenient to operate, set up and modify the program
  • PET Series Blow Molding Machine
  • PET Series Blow Molding Machine1.This all-electric PET blow moulding machine can keep stable performance with advanced PLC
    2.The preforms can be automatically delivered by the conveyor
    3The PET stretch blow molding machine owns strong penetrability and good and swift distribution of the heat by letting the bottles rotate by itself and revolute in the rails simultaneously in the infrared preheater