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  • Milk Bottle Mold
  • Milk Bottle MoldThe milk bottle mold can be made of magnalium and stainless steel material. The precision injection molding is also produced by multi-cavity such as four-cavity, six-cavity and eight-cavity for the purpose of improving the production output. Our 8-cavity magnalium milk bottle mold combined with eight die head, double station automatic deflasher will give a high output of 120000 pcs/day. The complete precise mold is produced ...
  • Lubrication Bottle Mold
  • Lubrication Bottle MoldThe lubricant bottle molds are made by numerical CNC machine and designed by experienced engineer. According to the volume of the lubrication bottle, the precise mold can be produced by multi-cavity such as 2-cavity and 4-cavity. Our lubricant bottle blow molding machine will make sure that the end products will have high precision without rough edges...
  • Toy Mold
  • Toy MoldThe toy mold is designed by experienced engineer and used to produce the toys for children. We adopt numerical CNC machine to make the precision injection molding. Although the toy mold is complicated, we have the capacity to perfectly manufacture. The precise mold is used to ensure the end product is without rough edges...
  • Cleaning Stuff Bottle Mold
  • Cleaning Stuff Bottle MoldThe plastic bottle molds are made by multi-cavity such as 2-cavity, 4- cavity and 6-cavity in accordance with the volume of bottle. Our PET bottle molds are designed by experienced engineer in compliance with international standards and norms. We offer various precision injection molding, such as toilet cleaner bottle mold, detergent bottle mold and shampoo bottle mold...
  • Auto Parts Mold
  • Auto Parts MoldThe auto parts mold can be divided into various types, such as bumper mold, control panel mould, shock absorber mold, inner trim mould and automotive lighting system mold. The automotive parts precise mold is the general name for all the moulds which makes different car parts. There are stamping die, precision injection molding, forging mould and glass mold...
  • Chemical Barrel Mold
  • Chemical Barrel MoldThe chemical barrel molds are manufactured by numerical CNC machine. They are designed by our experienced engineers in accordance with international quality standards and high performance. The chemical barrel precise molds are mainly used in packaging, coating, painting, food and other industries.
    1.Our chemical barrel blow molding machine is made of top quality steels...

Precise Molding

Precise mold is a tool used to make the materials in specific shape and size by means of injection, blow molding, extrusion, die-casting, stamping and stretching. Leshan precision injection molding equipment and our blow molding machine can complement each other, which will promote better production quality and higher economic benefit.
We possess 20 sets of numerical CNC equipment and experienced skilled technicians to produce the plastic mould. Our precision injection molding could be manufactured by multi-cavity in order to increase the production output.
The precise molding together with the plastic processing machine can be customized. We will offer a distinctly competitive advantage for you to make your own plastic pallets or other structural plastic parts.

1.The precision injection molding is produced by numerical CNC machine so as to guarantee the high precise
2.We will provide you the best technical solution, co-develop and consulting in precise mold making by our professional technicians according to your needs
3.The sample for each precision mold can be provided
4.With cooling system, the precision injection molding machine will give an ideal effect of the chilling

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3.Toy mold
4.Cleaning stuff bottle mold
5.Auto parts mold
6.Chemical barrel mold

Leshan Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the important precise mold manufacturer and plastic mould supplier offering the proposal of whole line for container packaging. It is a modern technology enterprise that concentrates on technology design, manufacturing and marketing. Besides, precision injection molding, we also supply different kinds of blow molding machines and auxiliary machines. We even introduce Germanic technical 3D scanner used for precise mold design. The advanced Leshan blow molding machine working with the precision mold makes the production speed faster and the production quality more superior.