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Auto-Feeder Unit

Auto-Feeder Unit

The central feeding system is designed for the production of plastic products in injection molding workshop. It can accomplish ongoing unmanned continuous molding operation. This auto-feeder unit is mainly composed of central control board, dust collector, high-effect filter, fan, dehumidifier and hopper.

The central feeding system has the capability of controlling all feeding equipments and preventing the storage bin from blocking. It can achieve complete automation by setting the central monitoring station.

Features of Auto-Feeder Unit
1.This central feeding system can make four kinds of materials mix automatically according to the set proportion
2.Trimmings can be recycled, crushed and loaded into the hopper automatically
3.This auxiliary machine allows the materials to be mixed continuously with the mixing capacity of 1.8 ton per hour
4.The auto-feeder unit can transport the mixed materials to each blow molding machine
5.With low material level, it can automatically load. When the material is full, this auxiliary equipment stops automatically
6.The central feeding system has the functions of alarming and stopping when the raw materials are insufficient
7.Each hopper is equipped with valve for manually feeding
8.The auto-feeder unit can be stopped when the maintenance is required

We provide one year warranty for our central feeding system, and free installation for domestic market, but chargeable debugging for oversea market. The components are freely replaced for one year except for the rapid wear parts

Packaging and Transportation
The auto-feeder unit can be packed with film seal

With registered capital of ten million and one RMB, Guangdong Leshan Machinery Co. Ltd. is a manufacturer and supplier of blow molding machine, auxiliary machine like central feeding system and high precise mould. The production output of our blow molding machine ranks top 3 in 2010 in China. We update our technology to save the labor time and material cost in the process of production. Additionally, we utilize statistical indicators and quota quantitative index to control the production speed and quality. If you are interested in our auto-feeder unit or other auxiliary equipment, please contact us.

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