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4 In1 Crushing Unit

4 In1 Crushing Unit

This 4 in1 crushing unit is a combination of crusher, mixer, conveyer and distributor. Plastic crushing machine is used to smash the waste plastics and leftover materials into pieces. It is regarded as the auxiliary equipment for blow molding machine to recycle and reuse the scrap materials or defective products.
The plastic crushing machine has high precision and quick action in proportioning and makes the materials stir homogeneously. The PET bottle crushing machine is driven by the electromotor to make the moving blade revolve at high speed. This 4 in 1 crushing unit is necessary of the plastic extrusion blow molding machine and plastic recycling industry.

Features of Plastic Crusher Machine
1.With compact structure, this auxiliary machine is easy to operate, clean and maintain
2.High precision, smooth operation, long service life, high automation and low noise
3.The plastic crushing machine uses high quality steel material specially for making the blades, which is hard to be broken and damaged
4.This PET bottle crushing machine can be equipped with different blades, such as flat type, claw type and cross type to meet various demands
5.This 4 in 1 plastic crusher machine has protection system with the power supply to guarantee the safety of this auxiliary equipment
6.This plastic crushing machine utilizes advanced technology to process the components

We provide one year warranty for our PET bottle crushing machine, and free installation for domestic market, but chargeable debugging for oversea market. The components are freely replaced for one year except for the rapid wear parts

Packaging and Transportation
The 4 in 1 plastic crushing machine can be packed with film seal

Guangdong Leshan Machinery Co. Ltd. specializes in designing and manufacturing PET bottle crushing machine. We provide various auxiliary machines, such as auto-feeder unit, automatic labeling machine, leak testing machine, conveyor unit and cooling machine. Our plastic crusher machines are exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria Mexico, Egypt, Dubai, Algeria, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Mali, Russia, Philippians, Singapore, Vietnam, India and Costa Rica. We utilize statistical indicators and quota quantitative index to control the production speed and quality. If you are interested in our plastic crushing machine, please feel free to contact us.

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