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Cooling Machine

Cooling Machine

Cooling machine achieves the refrigeration effect through steam compression or absorption cycle. The liquid can flow through the heat exchanger for the purpose of cooling the air or equipment. This cooling machine equipped with our blow molding machine can improve production efficiency and enhance the quality of the products. This auxiliary machine can be divided into air-cooled type and water-cooled type.

Features of Cooling Machine
1.It adopts high-quality compressor and core accessories, durable and energy saving
2.This auxiliary machine employs fully computer control system to regulate the temperature, which can meet the requirements of high technology standards
3.The isolated electrical control box is equipped to prolong the service life of this cooling machine
4.This cooling machine possesses the characteristics including stable operation, easy installation and maintenance, high efficiency, low noise, low failure rate and long service life

1.Plastic industry: this cooling machine can accurately control the mold temperature of all kinds of plastic products, and guarantee the stability of the products
2.Electronic industry: this auxiliary machine is used to stabilize the molecular structure of the electronic components in the production line so as to improve the qualification rate
3.Electroplating industry: this cooling machine can control temperature, increase the density and smoothness of the products and shorten the electroplating cycle in order to improve production and quality
4.Mechanical industry: the cooling machine is designed to regulate oil temperature and pressure, prolong the life time of the oil and reduce the attrition
5.Construction industry: the auxiliary machine can effectively strengthen the hardness and toughness of the concrete
6.Vacuum coating: this equipment can be used for adjusting the temperature in order to ensure the quality
7.Food industry: the cooling machine is suitable for high-speed cooling after food processing
8.Chemical fiber industry: this auxiliary equipment can freeze and dry the air for the purpose of product quality

Guangdong Leshan Machinery Co. Ltd. is a specialized manufacturer and supplier of blow molding machine and auxiliary machine in China. We offer auto-feeder unit, automatic labeling machine, leak testing machine, cooling machine as well as other auxiliary equipment. We update our technology to save the labor time and material cost in the process of production. Additionally, we utilize statistical indicators and quota quantitative index to control the production speed and quality. We also provide one year warranty and all-life services for our cooling machines. Adopting advanced technologies and methods, our production process is fairly environmental.

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