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Labeling Unit

Labeling Unit

Automatic labeling machine is used to paste the paper or metal foil label on the packaging containers. It can achieve planar labeling, single or multi-surface paste, cylindrical labeling, partial coverage or full coverage of the cylinder labeling, hollow parts and corner labeling.

The automatic labeling unit can be divided into in-mold labeling and out-mold labeling. Our blow molding machine can be configured with any type of automatic labeling machine in order to save labor and increase production output.

The automatic labeling machine is widely used in food, toys, household chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, metal, plastic and other industries

Features of Automatic Labeling Unit
1.This labeling equipment has unique feeder divider that can ensure the reliability and efficiency when it is used online with the production line
2.The automatic labeling machine suits to square bottles or flat bottles with double mark or single mark
3.The automatic labeling unit adopts friction stopping device to control the speed and tension and keep stable
4.Buffer device is used to avoid the materials from fracturing

Our products like automatic labeling machine are exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria Mexico, Egypt, Dubai, Algeria, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Mali, Russia, Philippians, Singapore, Vietnam, India and Costa Rica. We also supply auto-feeder unit, leak testing unit, conveyor unit, 4 in 1 crushing unit as well as cooling machine for clients to select. With registered capital of ten million and one RMB, we are professional manufacturer and supplier in China. Our automatic labeling unit is produced with international standards and the ISO9001:2012 quality management system.

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