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Conveyor Unit

Conveyor Unit

A conveyor unit is a kind of mechanical handling equipment that transports materials from one location to another. This auxiliary machine has many types, such as belt conveyor, chain scraper conveyor and roller conveyor. We have the ability to manufacture and offer the high quality conveyor system by means of our advanced techniques.
The conveyor unit consists of conveyor belt, carrier roller, transmission and braking device, tension device, loading and unloading equipment. The conveyor system not only can deliver the scattered ingredients but also can transport the packaged materials.

Features of Conveyor Unit
1.Equipped with Leshan blow molding machine, this conveyor system can accomplish continuous, high-efficiency and large dip angle transportation
2.The conveyor belt is easy to use and maintain, additionally, it can achieve safe operation
3.Low freight charges, this auxiliary machine can shorten the transport distance and reduce project cost
4.The conveyor unit is used to save manpower and material resources
5.Characteristics of this conveyor system include compact structure, high transmission efficiency, stable operation, low noise and long service life

With registered capital of ten million and one RMB, Guangdong Leshan Machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of conveyor system in China. Our main products include blow molding machine, auxiliary machine and high precise mould. We also offer auto-feeder unit, automatic labeling machine, leak testing machine, cooling machine as well as other auxiliary machines for your choice. Our products like conveyor unit are not only sold well in domestic markets, but also exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria Mexico, Egypt, Dubai, Algeria, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Mali, Russia, Philippians, Singapore, Vietnam, India and Costa Rica.

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