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Lubrication Bottle Mold

Lubrication Bottle Mold

The lubricant bottle molds are made by numerical CNC machine and designed by experienced engineer. According to the volume of the lubrication bottle, the precise mold can be produced by multi-cavity such as 2-cavity and 4-cavity. Our lubricant bottle blow molding machine will make sure that the end products will have high precision without rough edges.
We possess 20 sets of numerical CNC equipment and experienced skilled technicians to produce the lubricant bottle molds.
Besides lubricant bottle blow molding machine, we also offer milk bottle mold, toy mold, auto parts mold and chemical barrel mold. We are glad to provide lubricant bottle mold for you to make your own plastic parts.

1.The lubricant bottle blow molding machine is produced by numerical CNC machine so as to guarantee the high precise
2.We will provide you the best technical solution, co-develop and consulting in precise mold making by our professional technicians according to your needs
3.The sample for each lubricant bottle mold can be provided
4.With cooling system, the lubricant bottle blow molding machine will give an ideal chilling effect

Lubrication Bottle Mold Maintenance
1.The lubricant bottle blow molding machine should be lubricated regularly, and the modular surface shall be cleaned every day
2.The outside of the lubricant bottle mold needs to be painted in order to avoid rusting
3.Besides operational maintenance, you should clean the vent groove and repair the damaged and worn parts
4.The lubricant bottle blow molding machine must be closed tightly to prevent the dust into the cavity

Founded in August 1995, Guangdong Leshan Machinery Co. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of lubricant bottle blow molding machine in China. We even introduce Germanic technical 3D scanner used for lubricant bottle mold design. We use multi-axis CNC equipment for machining workpiece and adopt semi-automatic production lines so as to enhance work efficiency. Our products including lubricant bottle molds are not only sold well in domestic markets, but also exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Nigeria Mexico, Egypt, Dubai, Algeria, Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Mali, Russia, Philippians, Singapore, Vietnam, India and Costa Rica.

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