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Toy Mold

Toy Mold

The toy mold is designed by experienced engineer and used to produce the toys for children. We adopt numerical CNC machine to make the blow molding toy. Although the toy mold is complicated, we have the capacity to perfectly manufacture. The precision mold is used to ensure the end product is without rough edges.

Features of Toy Mold
1.The mould making can shorten the blow molding toy cycle and plastic injection moulding time
2.It also can reduce the cost and strengthen the competitiveness
3.Characteristics of this toy mold equipment are quick heat dissipation, wear resisting, corrosion resistance and high intensity
4.The blow molding toy can be duplicated accurately
5.The plastic molds are made by numerical CNC equipment so as to guarantee the high precise
6.The sample can be provided

Toy Mold Maintenance
1.It is better to lubricate the important components of the blow molding toy machine regularly, and clean the modular surface every day
2.Besides operational maintenance, the users should clean the vent groove and repair the damaged and worn parts
3.The outside of the toy mold machine needs to be painted in order to avoid rusting
4.The precise mold must be closed tightly to prevent the dust into the cavity

Founded in August 1995, Guangdong Leshan Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the important toy mold manufacturer and precise mold supplier offering the proposal of whole line for container packaging in China. It is devoted to technology design, manufacturing and marketing. We supply various blow molding machines, auxiliary machines and blow molding toys for users. The advanced blow molding machine working with the precise mold makes the production speed faster and the production quality more superior. We will make the fastest reaction and solution to the questions and requirements of the users.

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